On 14th and 15th  of June the European Sport and Healthy Company Award of DCH and Aces Europe was presented at the EAEF Annual Conference in Hamburg.

EAEF is the Employee Assistance European Forum that annually organizes a European Conference with its partners. This year in Hamburg was nominated the new President Christine Loos, in office for the following two years and she represents the person who will assist DCH to develop the EHCA Project internationally. Christine Loos is also Member of the International Advisory Council of DCH.

On the 15th the Conference was about best practices and well-being at work and the new President on that occasion explained the EHCA Award and how companies can be awarded at the European Parliament.

Companies can obtain the EHCA award that recognizes all the efforts that the company makes in the field of health, sport and psychosocial health. The award ceremony will take place at the European Parliament in December 2018.

It is important to work well, in a health and wellbeing environment and all those companies that are already committed in these goals can count on the support of EHCA – the European Healthy Companies Association and present their candidature.


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