DCH- International Human Capital Managers Organization and ACES Europe have set up a new association, EHCA – European Healthy Companies Association. In order to extend the Sport and Healthy Company Award recognition to Europe and the rest of the world, Juan Carlos Pérez Espinosa, representing DCH and Gian F. Lupattelli, representing ACES Europe, who will act as co-chairs of this new association.

DCH continues getting in its great interest and relationship with healthy and sporting companies offering new opportunities to its associates.

ACES Europe, since its founding in 1999, seeks to promote sport among all citizens of the European Union, trying to promote private and public initiative in order to increase support for sport, not only from professional point of view but also a means of social cohesion and for the improvement of health and quality citizens life.
As a result of EHCA, and the two organizations with are linked, since last year, the European Sport and Healthy Company Award has been presented to the European Parliament in Brussels in November. In this first candidacy, Cofares received the award from Juan Carlos Pérez Espinosa and Gian F. Lupattellli. This recognition will be given annually in the European Parliament at the same time of the European Capital, City, Community and Town of Sport awards in a ACES Europe gala.
All those companies that want to participate can already submit their candidatures for this 2017 as it has been opened. You can know all the details here.
The association not only limits its activity to the European field, but also opens its horizons on the international area by presenting as well the International Sport and Healthy Company Award, recognition that will be presented annually at the gala held at the European Parliament in Brussels to Non-European companies which are operating in the rest of the world.

The registration period is now open; you would see all the details on the web.

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