It is a Professional Organization of Human Resources Directors that provides the Managers of Human Resources departments an environment where they can share experiences, knowledge and create a contact network of a very high professional value.

DCH International Organization of Human Capital Directors offers a great variety of services and periodical activities that may be attended with no cost for its members and where they can find a place intended to meet and exploit the different practices performed by each Human Resources Manager. 

DCH, Human Capital Directors, Membership can only be obtained through another member´s  invitation.


  • In DCH there is no registration or periodic fee.

  • Be part of an exclusive group formed only by Directors of Human Resources departments.

  • Share experiences and best practices with Directors of Human Resources departments from other countries, especially in the Ibero-American environment (Peninsula Iberica and Latin America).

  • The availability of updated information and first-hand latest trends in the sector.

  • Free access to DCH (International Organization of Human Capital Directors) ecosystem of knowledge platform.

  • Take advantage of an exclusive environment that allows to create a contact network of Human Capital Directors of a very high value.

  • The availability of a great variety of services, benefits and activities organized by DCH.